Patti BoydWONDERFUL TODAY: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY (with Pattie Boyd) Headline (Harmony Books in US)

UK and New York Times Bestseller List

‘The most compelling rock autobiography ever’ Mail on Sunday

‘Absolutely gripping, and gives more insight into the weirdness of rick-star life than anything I have ever read’ Lyn Barber

‘Witty, unassuming, totally lacking in self-pity – she comes across as a thoroughly good egg. But you’ll never be able to listen to ‘Layla’ in the same way again.’ Mick Brown, Sunday Telegraph

‘Wonderful Tonight, which Pattie Boyd wrote with Penny Junor, is a charming, lively and seductive book and like all good memoirs, it also works as a cultural history.’ The New York Times Book Review

‘There are so many wonderful stories: Falling in love with a Beatle. Falling in love with another famous rock star Eric Clapton and being serenaded with Wonderful Tonight…But there is much that is excruciating in her life story’ Daily Mail

‘Will thrill classic-rock buffs with a taste for scandal’ Entertainment weekly

‘This book finally answers some of this questions about George Harrison and Eric Clapton – but on Pattie Boyd’s own terms’ USA Today

‘Sixties model Pattie Boyd opens up about her rocky relationships with two of music’s most famed performers’ Harper’s Bazaar